5 Types of Flooring Material and Their Importance

Picking the right flooring material is challenging when designing or renovating your home. The floor acts as a canvas according to which the designs, colors of the wall, furniture and decorations are based on. Whether you select carpet flooring in Dallas or at any other place, proper guidance and knowledge about different types of flooring are important. If you have a busy home with having kids and pets, then you need a floor that can bear all the mess. On the other hand, if you want to rent your home, your flooring design will be different.

Laminate Flooring
If you are looking for pure flooring, laminate flooring is the best. Although it is not considered as very classy, but highly durable and classy. This floor is a good alternative to bamboo, hardwood and cork, at a much better price. Having a high-density fiberboard core with a transparent resin top wear layer, a good laminate floor is extremely outstanding. Unlike many other types of flooring, it is much resistant to moisture and sunlight fading.
Hardwood Flooring
With a high-quality and durable floor, hardwood floor outlasts many other flooring types. If you want hard flooring, then your aim should be Brazilian redwood instead of soft wood like pine. The good part is that if the hardwood gets shabby, you can always re-finish and re-sand the floor again. This is how you can always maintain your floor and build its quality.
Cork Flooring
Cork flooring is popular for its green credentials and its warmth that is much better than hardwood. With its springy quality it rebounds well from minor dinks, but being softer than wood, you need to treat it with respect; high heels, sharp objects, dragging heavy objects will turn out to be disastrous.
Vinyl Flooring
Although it is synthetic by origin, it offers a rich, deep and elegant look, similar to the wooden floor. You can select vinyl plank flooring in Dallas, TX or wherever you find it appropriate, but make sure that the colors and patterns of your home match with it. This flooring design has upgraded in past many years, which means now there is a wider range. In addition to this, it can also resist scratches and impact against the floor. The floor is cost effective and the easiest ones to invest in.
Tile Flooring
It is available in a range of designs including porcelain, ceramic, mosaic and quarry. The floor has the same kind of heat resistance as with stone floors, can be used near fireplaces, stoves and furnaces. To install it, the installer will need grout in order to lay them down on the floor.
When selecting flooring for your home, make sure that you keep all the factors in mind and only then look forward to finalizing it. Every flooring type has certain advantages and disadvantages, which match your needs. So, select flooring that is perfect for your home.


Get Creative: Hardwood Floors

While all kinds of flooring options have emerged on the market over the years, nothing still beats hardwood. In terms of style, quality, and durability, it still is the best material to use for constructing floors. It would be interesting to note that there are different ways for you to get the flooring that you want; all you need is to get a little creative with it. Here are some of the things you need to consider to a hardwood floor that’s distinctly your own.

1. Species – This is the first step in determining the direction of your floor. The type of wood you select for your floor will determine not just its properties such as its durability, but it will also determine how your floor will look like. Different species of wood have distinctive aesthetic properties such as color, pattern, and graining. While rarer variants have a more distinct look, each kind of hardwood has its own distinguishing features.


2. Colors – Color is one area where a hardwood floor can stand out. As mentioned earlier, your choice of wood is the primary determining factor on what its color would be. Also, the type of treatment/s the wood received (ex.: varnish, clearcoat) can affect its final color and other properties such as shine. Going for one shade of wood works in most settings, but you can choose woods of different colors for a single floor to create your own floor designs.

3. Design Patterns – One of the things that make hardwood unique from other floor materials is the natural patterns it possesses. Certain species of hardwood have patters that are only evident on close inspection, while others have more distinct patterns that pop out. Which pattern is better? It is completely up to you. There are even homeowners who create unique floor designs by taking full advantage of these natural wood patterns.

4. Surfaces – Many would think that the surface of the wood merely affects its traction properties and its wear resistance. However, the type of surface you choose can slightly affect the final look of your floor as well.

hardwood-floor-cleaning-irvine-orange-countySome like the surface smooth, so that it can reflect light best. Others like a more weathered surface to complete a more rustic, natural appearance. Again, there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing hardwood surfaces.

Hardwood is considered the best material for building floors for good reason. You can maximize its value by using its properties to creatively construct your floor from the ground up.